thumb|300px|rightAyas job is being a newspaper writer and news reporter but on the side of that she sells perverted pictures and dvds for exsample the video on the side will show you this video is a official touhou video so please dont be thinking its some fanmade one but there is one problem when aya takes a picture of flandres undie whouldnt flandre have killed her? oh well its still a funny video anyways aya writes for the bubunmaru unfortunely not many people like to be in ayas interviews due to the fact that she accagerates alot people tend to avoid them aya delivers newspapers herself with the ability to see far distances and flying fast up to 600 miles she can deliver newspapers in less then 40 minutes to every resident in gensokyo she is momizis superior and so tells her what to do unlike aya momizi has no spell cards but yet they are both tengus aya is a crow tengu and momizis a white wolf tengu they both get along fine.

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