Han and Renko : han and renko are both freinds and are from the outside of gensokyo yet han knows about its exsistance from her dreams han so far has met yukari yakumo the youkai.yet little is known about han and renko they may show up in a book or the new anime but we dont really know but what we do know is what you sould have just read. renko also has the talent to tell were she is by looking at the sky and han has the ability to see gensokyo even though she is a human.renko for some reason knows about gensokyo mabe its because han has told her about it? oh well anyways there have been a few humans entering gensokyo for exsample sakuya she used to be a demon/monster slayer (read sakuya the vampire slayer to find out what she did to get in gensokyo) until she got in gensokyo so far han and renko have been in one fanmade game called touhoumon instead of pokemon touhoumon

Han is also merry