THE 9: Cirno is a very popular character due to her immaturity and stupidity she is even called a 'baka' (idiot) in one of the games.

Team 9 is usually shown to have Cirno as the leader and Wriggle, Mystia and Rumia as teamates. They are put together in team 9 because they are all ..... shown in fanon to be idiots like cirno, and they are all immature and most are Stage 2 bosses like Cirno but they do make a good team. Mystia has the ability to sing and make people confused, Rumia has the power of darkness, Wriggle well, Wriggle controls insects and lights up, and Cirno manipulates ice. They all live somewhere in a forest (except Cirno she lives around the lake by the Scarlet Devil Mansion which is close to the forest where everyone else lives) and they would make a very good team when you think about it. Maybe ZUN would look at what fans have made and actually put team 9 in one of there new games but team 9 has come out in one touhou official video in the one below called cirno milk in english or atleast thats how you find it on youtube infact team 9 has come once or twice officially. Cirno thinks she is a genius but her iq is extremly low probaly as low as it can get but since she always brags about how strong she is which she is not team 9 made her the leader that why its called team 9
Cirnos gang
Àæ±æ–¹ã€‘ Chirumiru Cirno HDPV - チルミルチルノ HDPV

Àæ±æ–¹ã€‘ Chirumiru Cirno HDPV - チルミルチルノ HDPV

yet Cirno made the team herself and decided to be leader and everybody agreed.

Daiyousei is sometimes shown to be part of Team 9 despite fanon showing her to be more intelligent than the other members.

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